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The Nigerian fans were electrocuted while watching the Europa League win over Anderlecht on Thursday night.

Following the horrific accident in Calabar, Man United tweeted their condolences.

They wrote: “Our thoughts go out to the United fans, their friends and families affected by the tragedy in Calabar, Nigeria, yesterday.”

Fans had flocked to the viewing area in Calabar to watch Manchester United's match against Anderlecht

Police confirmed at least seven were killed but officials fear the toll could be far higher after the tragedy in Nigeria, with ten more said to be critically injured.

One local described how a transformer near the centre exploded sending the cable crashing down onto the fans.

The Manchester Evening News reported one witness as saying: "It happened during the match between Manchester United and Anderlecht.

"I heard a deafening bang. I rushed out to see what was happening.

“When I turned back to go inside the viewing centre, I saw a cable coming down on the centre and this electrocuted the viewers in the hall.

“It was a horrible sight to behold.

I wish I didn’t come out to watch the match. Come to think of it, I have DStv at home but I enjoy watching matches at viewing centres.

"I could have been dead. I can’t believe that the people I was chatting and joking with a few minutes ago are all gone in a most anguishing way. This world is vain.”

It is reported that as many as 80 supporters are believed to have been crammed inside the building for the extra-time win.

State governor Ben Ayade, said: “It was heart-wrenching that the lives of the young men were lost through electrocution.”

My opinion: The families of those killed and injured should take legal action against the clueless President Buhari's Government and their State Governor for not maintaining or replacing the faulty transformer, the Nigerian Government don't just care about the people they lead they are all fantastically corrupt from top to bottom.

Also Manchester United mega-rich players should contribute and rebuild a proper viewing centre for their fans in Calabar not just tweet tribute, they need help and all the support they can get.