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Arthur Collins, 25, Ferne McCann's boyfriend is wanted in relation to an acid attack in a London nightclub

Ferne pictured with Arthur

At least 20 people are suffering from burns from a noxious chemical after attack

Fans today said they saw Miss McCann leaving the country from Bristol airport

Ferne, 26, is also 'taking time off' from presenting role on ITV's This Morning

The Mail reports that: Ferne McCann fans say they've spotted the TOWIE star leaving the country as police hunt her boyfriend over an acid attack in a London nightclub.

Arthur Collins is wanted for questioning in connection with an attack at Mangle club which left at least 20 people suffering burns from a noxious chemical on Monday.

It is reported that officers are probing the possibility that he has fled abroad, saying: 'All lines of enquiry are open at the moment.'

The Mail added: that 'this afternoon fans claimed they saw Miss McCann at Bristol airport getting away to take a break from the furore'.

One posted a picture of a woman appearing to be Miss McCann wearing a black baseball cap, with the caption: 'I swear that's Ferne at Bristol airport'.

Ferne McCann and Arthur Collins on the cover of OK Magazine

It is reported that Police swooped in on Collins' £1million Hertfordshire home on Tuesday but he was not in at the time of the raid. Two people were arrested after cannabis and firearms were found

Ferne McCann's mother Gilly was seen leaving her home in Essex yesterday

Arthur's father, also named Arthur Collins was pictured at their family home today in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Arthur Collins seen here in police mug-shot

Jackie Collins, the mother of Arthur Collins who is wanted by the police, leaves the family home in Broxbourne

The sisters recalled the moments after the attack saying: 'Everyone was crying, someone said acid had been thrown'

The Mail reports: that Acid attack victims Isobella Fraser, 22, and her sister Prue, 20, from Sydney, suffered serious chemical burns to their arms and back after the acid was sprayed.

Model Ms Fraser said she thought she had been caught up in the middle of a terrorist incident.

She said: 'I thought we were getting gassed. I thought it was a terrorist attack or something. I was freaking out just because of all the things that have been happening.

'I actually couldn't breathe and I was coughing. And then I just felt this thing on my arm and then I realised it was some sort of acid.'

She added: 'My whole dress was wet and I could smell gas, it was making me cough. I thought someone had scratched my back but when I looked at my dress it was melted to my back and there was a massive hole in it.

'Doctors don't know exactly what the substance was but I am sure it is going to leave me scarred - at the moment I have a huge purple mark on my back.

'I'm planning to get out of modelling, but if I was staying in the industry I would be really worried about the scarring.

'It's not what you expect when you go out, I had never heard of this happening but apparently acid attacks are quite common in the UK. It just really freaks you out.

'It was like the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria - we are lucky that this is the closest we are going to get to chemical burns like those people suffered.'

She added that she and her sister admitted themselves to hospital after waiting 'too long' for paramedics to arrive at the club.

She said: 'The ambulance was taking too long and we just wanted to go home to try and sleep as we were in shock.'

She showed the burns she suffered after revealing she admitted herself to hospital because of the long wait for an ambulance

At least 20 people are suffering from burns from a noxious chemical after attack

The sisters, from Sydney, suffered serious chemical burns to their arms and back (pictured - Isobella in hospital after the attack)

Reportedly Police have raided Collins' lavish home in Hertfordshire as they try to track him down. Firearms and cannabis were found during the raid, police said, but Collins has not been

The Mail reports that: A source at ITV said last night: 'In light of recent events, Ferne's management have asked if she can take some time off filming This Morning.'

Also a spokeswoman for Ferne said: 'Ferne is aware the police wish to speak to Arthur Collins and the nature of the accusations against him. Obviously these are highly shocking and Ferne has co-operated with the police in their inquiries.

'She was not with Arthur on Sunday night, was not at Mangle and has no direct knowledge of the events.

'She wants to know the truth and urges Arthur to co-operate fully with the police and attend a police station immediately. '

The Mail added: It is understood Ferne has no upcoming appearances scheduled on the show.

Scotland Yard is warning the public not to approach Collins and his famous girlfriend has urged him to come forward and speak to detectives.

It is reported that the 25-year-old's £1million home has also been raided and police say they found cannabis and firearms.

Arthur Collins is still on the run, but his father, also named Arthur Collins was pictured at their family home today in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

Arthur Collins has used his Facebook account to show off his luxury lifestyle of hot tubs and beaches

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Scroll down and watch the video

Photo credit: Mail UK