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Kim Jong-Un warned of an 'annihilating strike' if the US attacks, as the secretive country unveiled ballistic missiles during a display of their military might.

Two new types of ICBM were enclosed in canister launchers mounted on the back of transporter erector launcher trucks as they were paraded in front of crowds during today's festivities.

Experts believe that the new rockets could be liquid-fuelled intercontinental ballistic missiles, or an early prototype as Pyongyang has yet to formally announce it has an operational ICBM

A joyful Kim, wore a Western-style suit at Kim Il-sung Square, as he saluted formations of soldiers who yelled out 'long live' to celebrate the 105th anniversary of his grandfather's birth.

North Korean soldiers carry flags as they pass an image of Kim Il Sung during the parade in capital Pyongyang

One of Kim's senior officials, Choe Ryong Hae, today vowed North Korea would 'beat down enemies with the power of nuclear justice'.

North Koreans pictured with flags in front of statues of the country's founder Kim Il Sung (left) and late leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang today

Spokesman for the general staff of the Korean People's Army told the packed-out square: 'If the United States wages reckless provocation against us, our revolutionary power will instantly counter with annihilating strike, and we will respond to full-out war with full-out war and to nuclear war with our style of nuclear strike warfare.'

Thousands of soldiers from the Korean People's Army (KPA) took part in the parade to mark Day of the Sun in Pyongyang

Men beat drums as they parade through Kim Il Sung Square during military drills to mark the landmark date

Women pictured wearing traditional outfits looked jubilant as they passed by dictator Kim Jong-un at the parade in Pyongyang

North Korean men and women performed a mass dance during the Day of the Sun, the biggest national holiday in the secretive state

Women wearing traditional outfits looked jubilant as they passed by despot leader Kim Jong-un at the parade in Pyongyang

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The Mail reports that: the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), which Pyongyang claim could travel thousands of miles, increased concerns that the secretive state is preparing for a possible attack on Washington after they were paraded during the country's Day of the Sun celebrations.

Submarine-launched ballistic missiles were also among the military hardware on display for the first time, showing an improving technological capability that could help it evade anti-missile systems.

Kim has accused President Donald Trump of provoking his nation towards armed conflict with a series of increasingly aggressive moves, including sending the USS Carl Vinson to the Korean peninsula.