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Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a passenger was forcibly dragged from United Airlines plane by security staff after the airline overbooked his flight.

The video, which has gone viral since it was posted on Sunday, shows three men wearing security jackets aggressively pull the man from his aisle seat and drag him across the floor towards the exit.

Security officers are seen confronting the man, who seemingly refuses to leave his seat, before grabbing hold of him.

Shocked passengers can be seen angrily shouting at the security staff, while screams can also be heard seemingly coming from the passenger who is being dragged from his seat.

The 31-second video, has been reportedly viewed almost 400,000 times since it was posted on Facebook, it was filmed on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville.

Audra Bridges posted the video and said the incident left her and fellow passengers “shaky and disgusted”.

She wrote: “We are on this flight. United airlines overbooked the flight.

She wrote: "Please share this video. We are on this flight. United airlines overbooked the flight."

"They randomly selected people to kick off so their standby crew could have a seat.

"This man is a doctor and has to be at the hospital in the morning," she added.

"He did not want to get off. We are all shaky and so disgusted."

A spokesperson for United Airlines has since confirmed that a passenger had to be removed from the flight due to overbooking.

He told American website the Courier Journal: “Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked.

"After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate.

"We apologise for the overbook situation. Further details on the removed customer should be directed to authorities."

Scroll down and watch the video

My opinion: The passenger should take legal action against the barbarian and United Airlines that treated him like an animal

It is disgusting, disgraceful and shameful that the passenger was being violently forced and dragged across the floor.