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Stephen Belafonte pictured watching on as his wife shared kisses and caresses with two other women, it appears he did not forced Mel B on those women.

In Mel B's 'open marriage' to Stephen Belafonte, he is accused of 'demanding' the ex Spice Girl to take part in threesomes and regularly 'flying into jealous rages' when other men showed an interest in her.

But it appears during a Sydney, Australia boat trip in 2014, Stephen stood by and watch his wife Mel and her friends in an amorous clinch two months before it's claimed he impregnated the children's nanny.

The boat trip in Australia came at the start of a year which was set to create a permanent wedge between Mel and Stephen.

The pictures took place in February 2014, while he accompanied her Down Under for judging commitments with Australia's TV talent show, The Voice Kids.

In April 2014, Mel B was told by the German nanny, Lorraine Gilles, that she was carrying Stephen's baby.

'Shocked and in disbelief' Mel returned to the UK for filming on the X Factor and Stephen reportedly demanded the nanny abort the child.

Mel's boat holiday in Australia also coincided with the shock revelation of her secret same-sex relationship.

Mel B three months before the boat holiday, admitted to Howard Stern that she had a five-year relationship with Christa Parker, before meeting Stephen Belafonte.

When asked whether she was in love with the mother-of-two, Mel answered, 'I would say so,' but said she ended the relationship because 'women are crazy.'

Mel appeared very close to her girlfriends as they enjoy each others company on the bow of the boat

She elaborated on her sexuality, stating, 'People call me lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, but I know who's in my bed and that's it... I have a huge libido and a great sex life.'

This week's court documents, filed by Mel, gave further detail into the 'open' nature of her marriage with Stephen, which is something his brother believes prompted their divorce.

Mel claims that she was often coerced into sexual activity during her marriage, and when she declined, he even threatened to release the secret video content he'd obtained

Photo credit: Mail UK

My opinion: Mel B has a credibility issue because 'A picture is worth a thousand words' and it tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.

Mel claims she was 'Shocked and in disbelief' when she was told by their German nanny, Lorraine Gilles, that she was carrying Stephen's baby, how can she say she was 'shocked and in disbelief' when she was also enjoying and romancing the nanny herself.

It appeared Mel and her husband were both allegedly using the nanny as their sex object, the nanny should take legal action against them.

Nothing appeared to be shocking anymore in the weird marriage Mel had with Stephen. I think it's the other way round, Mel may have convinced her estranged husband into having threesomes because she likes women too.

My theory is that Stephen Belafonte had no choice when he got married but to join in with his wife Mel B's sex life with other women and he was very smart to record everything because he knew that it would be the only evidence that could destroy his alleged calculating wife's story against him and make her pay the divorce money she's trying to dodge by bringing out ridiculous stuff about her husband for 10 good or bad years

It appeared that Mel B and Stephen Belafonte loved kinky sex and who knows if the scar on her face was a love bite!! in one of the pictures she revealed after filing for divorce.

How come a financially secured and very famous woman who appears to be doing so many TV shows and doesn't look an inch like someone being forced to do what she doesn't like can stay in a brutal marriage for 10 years in the most powerful country on planet earth.

Yet she was able to get a restraining order that is now protecting her from her alleged dangerous husband, so she wasn't bothered about restraining order for 10 years as she was enjoying amorous threesomes with her husband it's like she's trying to protect her millions.

How many times did Mel call the police during their alleged violent marriage, she claimed to ask friends and her family not to call the cops because she was scared belafonte may 'harm' them and 'kill' her

Mel B take my good advise pay your estranged husband his divorce settlement and let him see his beautiful daughter because I am sure he has never maltreated her.

Your estranged husband will counter your claim with pictures and videos that are worth million words