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A 22-YEAR-OLD woman filmed her death during her drive to work when she crashed her car during livestream

The victim – named as Sitora B by local media in Kazan, Russia – reportedly propped her smartphone up on the dashboard while she livestreamed her drive to work.

Sitora B seen at the wheel during a livestream moments before her crash

The 22-year-old was killed in the horrific collision

Sitora looked happy as she sing along to music on the radio on the video, reportedly streamed on Russian social media site VK.

At one point she can be heard asking: “How are you? What are you up to? Where are you going?”

But Sitora keeps looking down at the phone’s screen, she stops paying attention to other traffic, reports local media.

Then unexpectedly with a sickening crunch, the car starts shaking and the phone apparently falls to the floor.

Sitora seems to realise she was in great danger with a look of terror towards the phone but then the screen goes blank.

It is reported that further footage, apparently shot by a passerby, appears to reveal the gruesome reason.

Sitora’s Daewoo Matiz looks to have been hit so hard by a bus that she had been thrown from the driver’s seat, across the car, and halfway through the front passenger seat window.

It is reported that she had not been concentrating on the traffic and had drifted across lanes where she was T-boned by the bus.

The impact was so great that the tiny Daewoo is almost crushed in half.

Gruesome footage also claims to show Sitora’s body leaning out of the passenger window with blood pouring down the door from a severe head wound.

The Sun reports- four bus passengers, including a toddler, needed medical treatment after the collision, reports local media.

The video has become a gloomy social media hit with thousands of users watching it.

Police in Tartastan said the driver of the car was killed on the spot after pulling in front of a bus.

Scroll down and watch the video

A statement on their website warned drivers that talking or livestreaming from the wheel distracts the driver and can cause accidents with serious consequences.

They confirmed the driver of a Daewood Matiz was killed on Thursday morning at around 10.20am, and the bus driver and a passenger were also injured.