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Gemma Collins struggled to control her emotions as she revealed her fears over never settling down

Gemma pictured broke down in tears as she visited a fertility clinic and revealed her fears to a consultant over not having a baby on Towie.

Z-list celeb Gemma, 36, previously said she wants to freeze her eggs so she can fulfil her dream of starting a family in the future.

The consultant informed her that 36 - is typically the oldest they recommend someone go through the freezing procedure.

Gemma told Chloe S and Bobby outside the waiting area, that she was feeling better about the whole thing, but that she had asked if she could have a freezer built in her home, so she could store the eggs there.

'They said no, which is fair enough, but I'm concerned about mixing them up,' she said.

She also added she needed to be healthier in the next month, before her next period - which is when the procedure would take place.'Less brandy, less living it up, less time at my favourite Italian,' she listed.

Gemma seen here revealing her troubles to the consultant

The Reality celeb shared her deepest worries with a consultant on the show last night, with Chloe S and Bobby going along for support.

“I’m living in this sheer panic morning, noon and night,” she said. “Firstly because I’m worried I’m already going through the menopause; secondly ‘why haven’t I found the love of my life?’; and thirdly I’m asking ‘why me’?”

“So I think if I can freeze my eggs I’ve got a better chance later on.”

Gemma couldn't control her emotions and began crying on screen.

My opinion- Gemma Collins said she 'would trade her Range Rover and Cartier for a boyfriend and a baby,' and some people will believe her. That is just so fake.

So what have you been waiting for, and why announce it to the world on TOWEI?

Why equate your material possession with a baby?

It only shows that you're so in love with material possesions

I don't believe most of the nonsense they show on TOWIE because most of the scenes are not real also former casts of the show Amy Childs and Mario Falcone slated it as being fake and staged.

Mario Falcone said “I had to dwindle it down a bit when I did TOWIE

Falcone said he was forced to dumb himself down, Mario has claimed they've had to change their personalities to fit the scenes.

Amy Childs revealed how the scenes were set up

She admitted some time ago that a number of scenes are set up.

Amy explained: "All the characters are all real.

They'll just put us in scenes and they might say for example, me and Sam [Faiers] will have to talk about Mark [Wright] and then Mark comes in, so they'll set up the scene, but it's all real.

She also told Radio Times: “It's all a bit set up and staged."