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Prime Minister May said she wears the trousers in the relationship in a rare interview that has lifted the lid on her married life inside Number 10, where she lives with her husband Philip.

Theresa May is the first British PM to appear on the cover of American Vogue

She opened up on her personal life in an interview with Vogue, Theresa May revealed that Philip, 59, cooks a 'very good mushroom risotto' and even does the dishes afterwards.

Portraying Philip as the perfect husband, the Tory leader described him as 'very supportive' and talked of how their bond had 'developed over time'.

Mrs May talked about the pictures of her and Donald Trump holding hands, saying the US President was 'being a gentleman'

Theresa May, seen here at home in the £995 Amanda Wakeley leather trousers that sparked criticism from other MPs after she wore them in a photo shoot for the Sunday Times

In another shoot Theresa May is seen strolling outdoors with husband Philip, while dressed in an Egg coat and a Sine for Egg sweater.

Ms. May in her Vogue interview reveals she doesn't have a stylist or fashion advisor, and likes to shop in small boutiques in Henley.

Ms. May's style has often made headlines; from her love of quirky footwear to the £995 pair of leather trousers she wore during a previous magazine photoshoot.

Theresa May pictured in Parliament in 2007, She has continued to push the boundaries during her time on the front benches. She is pictured in Parliament in 200

Theresa May's fashion style and accessories

Photo credit- Daily Mail

My opinion- Prime minister Theresa May described Trump as 'being a gentleman,' that's not just the case with Trump, because Donald Trump isn't a 'gentleman'

How can a man that said- "grab them by their p***y," insults Mexicans as rapists and criminals, mimic a disabled journalist, during his campaign encouraged his suporters to punch other peoples faces if they come and disrupt his rally and lied that Britain orchestrated wire-taping of his New york home so how is he a "gentleman"?