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Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman,(left), Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, has been accused by one Stephanie Otobo of impregnating and abandoning her.

A letter from Festus Keyamo Chambers dated March 4, 2017 and addressed to the Inspector-General of Police claimed that Stephanie began a romantic relationship with Suleiman in Canada in 2015.

Ms. Otobo alleged that the cleric loves sex a lot and that they had spent time together at hotels in Naples, New York and Lagos.

“Most of the times we spent together, we had sex,” Ms. Otobo told journalists.

“I refused to have a threesome with him because I’m not a lesbian and I don’t like women touching me.

“He told me he did that with all his past girlfriends, that I was the only one (who refused),

"We were at New York together, two months after I left Napoli. Then he invited me to Nigeria. We were always having sex,” she said.

She added: “In Nigeria, we stayed at Protea Hotel in Ikeja. there’s another hotel after Airport Hotel, there’s a gas station, there’s a new hotel on your right, that’s where he gave me something to drink.

I thought it was juice, he brought it, he said let’s drink together, and then he didn’t want to drink, he wanted to eat

“The night he gave me 8,000 Euros, he was trying to show me that this was real and it would never end, I think he was trying to capture me both physically, spiritually, and mentally.

“Giving somebody so much money, you’re trying to capture them so that without you, they cannot live, because you wanna make yourself their god, that’s what he was trying to do.

“When he came, he was like, ‘this was all I realised today, here you go,’ on the table.

Then he said this is how much I love you. After the three days crusade (in Naples), he collected all the money, I was inside, and he said, ‘this is all I realised.’ He gave me everything.

“He told me this was discreet, we couldn’t even call a taxi in the morning when he wanted to discharge me, he had to take a walk with me from his hotel by 4 a.m. to my hotel. I was worried because it could be dangerous, in a place where I don’t know, a new country and everything.

He walked me to my hotel and stayed till 7am and went back to his hotel.

He said because we have to be discreet, we cannot call a taxi.

”Ms. Otobo called on the police to check her bank records to see proof that Apostle Suleiman sent her money directly from his bank account.She also denied that the pictures she released were photoshopped.

“He gives me a lot of cash, I’m not talking about 8,000 Euros, I’m not talking about 12,000 Dollars in two weeks.

“If I was a cheap prostitute, how much do you send a cheap prostitute in Canada all the way from Nigeria.

I’m based in Canada, I’m sure there are a lot of women that needs money here in Nigeria, how many women or cheap prostitutes has he sent money here in Nigeria?“We are petitioning the police on that.

And also the issue of photoshopping pictures, in between the photoshopped pictures there should be an original copy if the pictures were photoshopped, it must be photoshopped from something, he should provide that.

Because I have the cell phones that I used to take the pictures, I still have every original pictures.

“Also, the police should check my passport, he took me to Napoli, he had a programme there, a conference for three days.

The police should check his passport, the period it was stamped to Napoli and check my passport, the period I was stamped to Napoli if it was the same stamp.“He should wake up and face the truth,” she said.

My opinion- of course something might have happened between the Apostle and ms Otobo but what gave her the right to publicly destroy a man she claimed gave her everything, but marriage!

Stephanie said she was abandoned by the man of God when she got pregnant, so why did you decide to get pregnant? when you knew he's married with children.

The apostle did the right thing by dumping you if there was ever any affair between you

He should have dated an A-list celeb who won't kiss and tell not someone like you

You can spill more salacious gossip his gorgeous wife will never leave him and he will not dump her for you.

If ever the alleged affair happened he was only using you for sex, which you said his wife is aware of his cheating, so what, maybe she's no longer interested in sex so she doesn't mind you as a spare tyre.

And by the way the Apostle should stop denying because he's making it worse, what's the point after all most men cheat one way or another even women too.