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President Trump signed a new executive order Monday banning immigration from six Muslim-majority countries, dropping Iraq from January's previous order, and reinstates a temporary blanket ban on all refugees.

The new travel ban comes six weeks after Trump's original executive order caused problems and chaos at airports nationwide before it was blocked by federal courts. It removes out language in the original order that indefinitely banned Syrian refugees and called for prioritizing the admission of refugees who are religious minorities in their home countries.

That provision drew criticism of a religious test for entry and would have prioritized Christians over Muslims fleeing war-torn countries in the Middle East.

The new ban,takes effect from March 16, it will also explicitly exempts citizens of the six banned countries who are legal US permanent residents or have valid visas to enter the US -- including those whose visas were revoked during the original implementation of the ban, senior administration officials said.

"We cannot compromise our nation's security by allowing visitors entry when their own governments are unable or unwilling to provide the information we need to vet them responsibly, or when those governments actively support terrorism," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday.

The new measures still impose ban of all citizens of Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from obtaining visas for at least 90 days.

It is reported that President Trump signed the revised executive order out of public view after his controversial first bid was thwarted by the courts and hit by global protests

The order also suspends admission of refugees into the US for 120 days, directing US officials to improve vetting measures for a program that is already widely regarded as extremely stringent.

My opinion- Trump is pretending to be doing his job especially to the forty-something percent that voted for him, he is only polishing what Obama Administration put in-place just to make it look as if he is really implementing his campaign promise.

Trump was very careful this time around not to be publicly humiliated for the second time, so he quietly signed it without the press and cameras in his face.

Trump is just a showman who bask in controversies

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