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This stunning footage captures Louis Tomlinson angrily accosting a photographer then wrestling a female fan to the floor as she brawled with his girlfriend before he was arrested at Los Angeles Airport.

Louis, 25, was booked for simple battery on Friday night after he was angered by paparazzi taking pictures of him and girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

As he challenged one photographer, Eleanor became embroiled in a fight with a fan who was taking pictures with her phone by the wall of the airport lobby

Louis rushed over to help his girlfriend and wrestled the fan to the floor to break up the fight.

The video footage begins with the One Direction star grabbing photographer Karl Larssen's camera as he took photos of him and Eleanor at baggage reclaim.

The female fan pictured in a grey top appeared to be shouting at the One Direction star

The photographer ignores Louis and continues to take photos of his girlfriend

Louis tells him to stop taking pictures but he carries on. The pair then appear to struggle before Louis trips and brings the photographer down with him.

Louis then sees his girlfriend being pinned against a wall by female fans and shouts 'What the hell is happening? Can we get some help?'.

The fan in a grey top who claimed Louis "socked her face"

The fan talked to her friend as they sat down near police after the altercation

Eleanor refused to look at cameras as she kept her hat covering her face

Louis was escorted by police with his hood up and his hands in his pockets

He rushes over to help Eleanor, grabs one of the fans by the midriff and pulls her to the floor as onlookers can be heard screaming in panic.

Airport security staff then intervene and prise Louis away from the fan, pulling off his blue hoody in the process.

The fan, who was wearing a grey top and later claimed Louis 'socked her', continues screaming at the singer as she rapidly stands up from the floor.

Security staff then come between the furious fan and Louis as he headed into the corner of the room with Eleanor.

There was a heavy police presence at the airport as the incident unfolds.

Louis Tomlinson pictured with his tragic mum

Johannah Deakin, Louis Tomlinson's late mum died on Wednesday 7th December 2016

My opinion- One Direction star Louis Tomlinson was only acting-out in-built emotions as he's still mourning the death of his mum Johannah Deakin , who died just December last year at age of 43 after a long battle with leukaemia.

Photo credit- Daily Mail UK

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