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Carla Germaine said that Vicky Burton gradually 'morphed' into looking like her before stealing her husband Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle, 51, began dating their nanny Vicky Burton more than a year after he split up with wife

Former model Carla claimed to have noticed the changes in her former nanny's look when she was throwing out pictures of her.

Her friend said Ms Burton's brown hair was lightened to become more like her own.

And the nanny began to wear skinny jeans and halter-neck tops, just like those she liked.

Kyle has been with Ms Burton - who stopped serving the family last April - for three months.

Jeremy Kyle's relationship with the nanny was only made public last month.

Carla Germaine told a friend she considered the relationship a betrayal, as she had seen her nanny as 'a sister'.

The TV host, has been hosting the Jeremy Kyle chat show for 13 seasons on ITV since 2005, announced that he and wife were splitting in 2015.

News of their split came after Kyle made a frank admission about the couple's sex life during his self-titled show in June 2015, while interrogating a woman about whether she'd cheated on her partner.

The presenter and his wife 'grew apart' and it was reported that Carla was caught having an affair with England polo player James Carr, 25.

Kyle, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2012, and he has been married twice, he also publicly spoke about his troubles with gambling.

The Talk Show host's former wife Carla believes her children's nanny deliberately copied her style and looks before beginning a relationship with the TV host.

Reportedly Carla Germaine said to friends that Vicky Burton gradually 'morphed' into looking like her during nine years serving her family.

Jeremy Kyle, 51, began dating Vicky Burton, who is 16 years his junior, more than a year after he split up with his wife of 13 years.

Carla said she considered the relationship a 'betrayal' as nanny had been 'like a sister'

It is reported that Ms Germaine, 41, believes Ms Burton - who she considered a close companion - copied her hair-style and clothes.

Reportedly A friend told The Sun On Sunday's Laura Armstrong: 'Carla realises now how during their friendship Vicky gradually morphed into looking like her, copying her clothes and style.'

My opinion- Carla Germaine allegedly cheated with a 25-year-old Rugby player, which reportedly led to the break-up of her marriage to the TV host

So why is she upset that her former nanny 'betrayed' her by stealing her ex- husband Jeremy Kyle

My dear Ms Carla remember you started the affair shenanigans and Jeremy Kyle finished it by delivering the biggest blow where it hurts most, and he got the last laugh with your former nanny.

Photo credit- Daily Mail UK