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Clearly President Buhari looked very frail and ill, the picture speaks for itself

Nigerians don't need a deceitful Senate President to tell them that Buhari is healthy because he is so not

If President Buhari is full of health according to the corrupt Senate president Saraki why is he still in London and why did he change his so called 'two weeks vacation' to extended medical check up?

Buhari deceived Nigerians that he was on two weeks vacation while he is being treated for serious ailment

Why must he come to Britain for Vacation when there are so many Tourist attractions in Nigeria?

How many British Prime Ministers have travelled to Nigeria for vacation or medical check up? absolutely none.

Why is Buhari receiving treatment in London when there are highly qualified consultants in Lagos University Teaching hospital?

Buhari's medical bills and allowances is growing everyday and it is now over £3million.

While millions of jobless Nigerians have no support from the useless Government and the Senate led by HYPOCRITE SARAKI refused to introduce Income/Housing Benefit Support BILL ON THE SENATE FLOOR to alleviate the suffering of their fellow country men and women

Yet Saraki have the audacity to waste the so called scarce resources to visit the ailing President Buhari In London

Is president Buhari a toddler that his family can't take care of

There are so many children suffering in Nigeria especially the malnourished 250,000 Borno state children who are starving everyday and about four die of hunger a-week

Saraki and his corrupt Senate colleagues have not done anything to impact on the lives of millions of Nigerians, who are suffering today because their Lawmakers and the clueless president Buhari couldn't careless apart from fighting corruption which does not put food on the table for ordinary people.

Senator Saraki and his useless senate colleagues take home pay is over N25million per month, everything these morons do is paid for, they don't touch their basic salaries because the bunch of idiots that calls themselves lawmakers get ridiculous allowances for everything they breath, sleep, dream, drink and eat on planet earth.

HYPOCRITE BUHARI , gets the best of everything from food, health insurance, vacation, birthday celebrations, special estacode with his entourage while he asks millions of Nigerians to feel the austerity pain with no support from his heartless Administration because of scarce resources.

Senate President Bukola Saraki and House Speaker Yakubu Dogara seen with President Buhari in the picture on Wednesday in London.

They were accompanied by Senate Leader Ahmed Lawan

It is reported that the visit was promptly organised by both the presidency and the National Assembly.

They left Nigeria Wednesday morning and met the president hours after arriving in London. It was unclear what they discussed but pictures of their meeting showed the president and his three guests together at Abuja House, the president’s official residence in the UK.

The photo opp by deceitful and corrupt Lawmakers and the clueless president

My opinion- Buhari should resign he is not capable of leading Nigeria, he is seriously unwell and have no clue

Hate Donald Trump or like him he has done many things for the Americans that voted for him in four weeks than Buhari have done in two years which is absolutely nothing

Buhari did zero apart from the stupid one-sided corruption he has been fighting which have not impacted in the lives of millions of Nigerians

They are still shamelessly looting by travelling abroad with special estacodes and their huge salaries.