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A woman has been arrested for the murder of the playboy half-brother of Kim Jong-un, who was reportedly killed with a poisoned PEN

It is reported that Kim Jong-Nam died after being attacked by two women believed to be North Korean agents at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Monday.

Cops released this CCTV footage of a woman they want to question

Kim Jong-Nam, was the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, he was has reportedly killed by a mystery woman. He is pictured here in 2010

Kim Jong-Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, has reportedly been killed. He is pictured here in 2010

Now cops are searching for two females caught on CCTV – and one of them wore a sweatshirt with ‘LOL’ (laugh out loud) emblazoned across the front.

There was speculation Kim Jong-nam was targeted on the orders of his younger brother, the North Korean dictator.

Malaysian police say the 45-year-old was ambushed while waiting for a flight to Macau.

Kim told medical workers that he’d been sprayed with a chemical, which brings to mind previous attacks with poison-tipped pens linked to North Korean assassins.

The assailant reportedly fled the scene in a taxi immediately after the attack.

It is reported that a US government source said America strongly believes North Korean agents carried out the killing.

Kim Jong-nam's fake passport from 2001

News of his death is broadcast on South Korean telly

Official of the Malaysian police Fadzil Ahmat confirmed for Malaysian news agency Bernama that the victim was Kim Jong-nam.

He was using a passport on a different name at the time.

Ahmat said: “While waiting for the flight, a woman came from behind and covered his face with a cloth laced with a liquid.

“Following this, the man was seen struggling for help and managed to obtain the assistance of a KLIA [Kuala Lumpur International Airport] receptionist as his eyes suffered burns as a result of the liquid.

“Moments later, he was sent to the Putrajaya Hospital where he was confirmed dead.”

Selangor police chief Datuk Abdul Samah Mat added: “Jong-nam experienced eye irritation then sought assistance at the airport before being sent to Putrajaya Hospital and was pronounced dead on the way.”

It is reported that a woman has been arrested in connection with the death of Kim Jong-nam

Photo framed of the murdered playboy's grandfather Kim Il Sung (left) and Kim Jong Il (right)

Kim Jong-un has had many political opponents murdered since taking power

Jong-nam pictured with his father Kim-Jong-il

Photo credit- The Sun UK