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Tifa (left) and Alinefe (right) Mwale say they are happy their youngster sisters Stella and Esther will get the chance to live a better life and fulfill their dreams in the United States, where they have arrived after being adopted by megastar Madonna

Alinefe (left) and Tifa (right), pictured with their step brother Kennedy in the remote village of Kayembe, Malawi, inside their home which has no running water or electricity.

Their younger sisters Stella and Esther grew up in an orphanage after the death of their mother in 2012

The twins' sisters have only ever tasted a raw corn on the cob picked from the nearby fields as fast food

Young children pictured in the village of Kayembe, which can be reached by travelling along very rough and muddy track only accessible by a 4x4 off road type vehicle.

The twins were left in an orphanage since birth after their mother Patricia died from a loss of blood after a caesarean section delivery in August 2012

With five other families in the cluster of brick and mud huts, the Mwales share a bathroom that has a roof constructed of straw and plastic bags.

The Mwales have no running water in the village and the 32 people who live in their area stand on planks to stop their feet getting muddy

Pictured is the home of the twins' father, Adam Mwale, in the village of Kayembe, Malawi, which have no running water, electricity or a toilet.

Adam's home is a brick and clay building he lives with his family

The twins sisters share the home with their father, their stepmother Anna and two other siblings, Kennedy, aged seven, and Gladys, aged 18

Pictured is a well in the village that many children take in turns to operate with a handle

The Mwales have limited access to good meal in a village, where inhabitants are lucky if they have some bits of chicken or goat added to spice up the meal.

Madonna received some criticisms over adopting the twins as she is not a resident of the nation but the judge ruled the singer, 58, would provide a loving family life for the children

The grave of the twins' mother, who died in August 2012 from a loss of blood after a caesarean section delivery.

Their father, Adam, was unable to cope with their up- bringing he then gave them up to the orphanage

Madonna, pictured among Malawian children during a visit to Mkoko Primary School, one of the schools her Raising Malawi organisation has jointly built up

Estelina Kalumpha, one of the Orphanage workers plays with Esther and Stella as toddlers

There was some criticism over Madonna's adoption as she is not a resident of the nation but the judge ruled the singer, 58, would provide a loving family life for the children.

Madonna's daughter Lourdes with the twins Stella and Esther

Pictured is Madonna's luxurious £32million townhouse in New York, where the twins are now, where they will be afforded opportunities they would not have had in their home country

Madonna,58, and the girls Stella and Esther were both said to be excited when the judge ruled in her favour for adoption