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The car bomb was detonated outside a courthouse building in Izmir, Turkey

Police officer and courthouse worker killed and at least five people wounded

Two 'terrorists' armed with machine guns, grenades and a rocket launcher were killed in a shoot-out with Turkish police while a third is on the run after a deadly car bomb outside a courthouse.

20 suspected ISIS militants thought to be of Central Asian and North African origin in Izmir were detained by Turkish police on Wednesday, according to a police statement.

The suspects were understood to have travelled to Izmir from the central city of Konya, the statement said.

Two attackers were then killed by police while a third is said to be on the run

It Comes a day after police arrested 20 in the city in the hunt for the Istanbul killer

Body of one of the gunmen pictured in circle

A petrifying arsenal of weapons was found at the scene, including rocket launchers (above)

Magazines were found discarded by the body of one attacker while rockets were found in a suitcase at the scene

Footage taken from a rooftop appears to show the attacker (left) shooting a police officer (right) during the ensuing gun battle

Further footage then shows what appears to be a second officer (circled left and bottom right) being shot by an attacker (circled top right)

Shocking footage shows an officer stumbling after he was shot before falling into the road

CCTV captured the moment a blast rocked the city of Izmir in western Turkey today

Dramatic video appears to show the gunfight in which two attackers were killed by police

Eyewitnesses said the explosion appeared to come from a vehicle while pictures on social media show a cloud of smoke rising up from the street

Ambulances were rushed to the scene after the blast outside the prosecutors and judges' entrance in the usually peaceful city on the Aegean Sea

Deranged Istanbul killer with the look of demonic monster

Security forces are hunting an ISIS attacker who went on the rampage at the upmarket Reina nightclub in Istanbul, massacring 39 revellers and injuring dozens more.

Turkish media reports have said the unnamed assailant was believed to have spent time in Konya before coming to Istanbul and carrying out the attack.

Photo Credit -The Sun UK and Daily Mail UK