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Trading Distress: Deanne Forrest, 50, was looking for a way to boost her modest savings

Deanne Forrest admits she was charmed into submission by Peter Parker — if that ever was his real name.

Deanne, 50, was looking for a way to boost her modest savings and support her teenage sons through university when a friend recommended Banc De Binary — a website that would let her trade on the stock market for instant returns of up to 60per cent.

Peter, her persuasive Cypriot account manager, assured Deanne that the trades she was placing were ‘absolutely zero-risk’.

When she was uncertain, Peter became flirtatious, calling the divorcée ‘beautiful’ and ‘glowing’ and asking ‘dear Deanne’ if she would paint a portrait of him.

Within days she would pile £12,500 of savings and credit card debt on to high-risk trades. And, just as quickly, she would lose every penny.

Today, she is left with just an iPhone 6 and a floor-cleaning robot — the eye- catching gift the Cyprus-based Banc De Binary gave her for being a customer.

The company, for its part, disputed the account given by Deanne and said she had said she was satisfied with the service they had provided.

Still, it is poor compensation for the single mother, who now feels she has been hopelessly naive.

Tens of thousands of savers just like Deanne are being lured into taking huge stock market bets on what are nothing more than gambling websites

My Opinion - The best thing to do is to buy and sell SHARES from Reputable companies, because easy Money has risks, many people lose their life-saving doing the Binary money trading 'NONSENSE.'

While risk and money management have different meanings, they are closely related when it comes to binary options. This is mainly because the manner in which you manage your trading capital will determine the risk that comes with the investment choice. In this regard, you need to manage your capital in a way that minimizes the risk. For instance, you should avoid staking all your capital on one outcome because the risk is too big.