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Donald Trump has been named Time 'Person of the Year.'

The President-elect was declared the latest winner of the annual honor on Wednesday morning, beating out finalists including Hillary Clinton, Beyonce and Vladmir Putin.

This was the second year in a row that Trump had been a finalist of the accolade. Hillary Clinton came in second and Hackers came in third.

'To be on the cover of Time as Person of the Year is a tremendous honor,' said Trump.

Time editor-in-chief Nancy Gibbs said it was the easiest decision the magazine has ever made for the honor.

The magazine has been very critical of both Trump and his politics over the past year, with the August 22 issue of Time showing Trump's melting face with the word 'Meltdown.'

Two months later, on October 24, the image was even more severe with the subhead reading 'Total Meltdown.'

In Trump's interview with the magazine, he compared his leadership style to that of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and said of illegal immigrants: 'They’re killing and raping everybody out there. They're illegal. And they are finished.'

The President-elect made it clear as well that he was not backing off his plan to build a wall between American and Mexico.

-Trump on immigration

'We’re going to build the wall. I’m going to build the wall. We’re going to have strong borders. But we’re also going to have people coming across the borders because we need workers,' said Trump.

'We have to be able to have people come in to our country, because that’s good for all of us. It’s good for them, but it’s good for all of us. But we’re going to have very strong borders.

'We’re not going to have illegals coming in. But we’re going to have people coming in, but we’re also going to have them coming in based to a certain extent on merit.'

Trump said that he did still want to welcome in young Dreamers however despite the wall.

'On a humanitarian basis it’s a very tough situation,' said Trump.

'We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud. But that’s a very tough situation.'

When asked on Today if he saw the honor as a condemnation given how divided the country has become and the fact that the Time subhead reads 'President of the Divided States of America,' Trump said: 'Well I think putting divided is snarky. But again it’s divided, I'm not president yet. I didn't do anything to divide.'

I believe we will be successful with defeating ISIS or bringing them down to a level where it’s almost the same thing. And I hope I’m judged from the time of the election, as opposed to from January 20th, because the stock market has had a tremendous bounce.

He then added: 'There's a lot of division. We're going to put it back together.'

Trump actually let it leak a bit early that he had won the honor, with Today promoting the fact that they would be speaking with the winner at 7:30am on Wednesday morning.

Trump tweeted 15 minutes prior: 'I will be interviewed on the @TODAYshow at 7:30. Enjoy!'

When later asked about his tweeting, Trump said: 'It's a modern-day form of communication.'

He also used that interview to praise President Obama and talk about their newfound friendship

He won 18 percent of the vote, finishing well ahead of the other finalists.

Hillary Clinton

I’m sitting in an apartment the likes of which nobody’s ever seen. And yet I represent the workers of the world. And they love me and I love them.

My opinion- Donald Trump doesn't deserve to win Time Person of the Year because of his bigotry and the provocative things he said during his campaign.

How can a man who boasts of 'grabbing women by their p***y win the award.'

Donald Trump is the divider in-chief