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While on a trip to Bahrain, Mrs May said: “I have said all along that when I am in a position to be able give some information then I will do that.

“I am ambitious for the deal that we can achieve, but I have to keep some cards close to my chest.”

It is reported that Downing Street sources suggested the PM’s “plan” when it is published before she triggers Article 50 will be brief, as all parties accept the PM should not have to give away negotiating secrets

The Government added to the Labour motion, and added that MPs should support the PM’s Brexit timetable

But at the same time, she also laid down a challenge to the Commons to accept June’s landmark decision.

The historic vote will be the first time that all MPs have been asked to endorse the British people’s verdict, after they backed the campaign to stay in the EU by a ratio of two to one.

A government amendment to Labour’s original motion will this afternoon press MPs to “respect the wishes of the United Kingdom as expressed in the referendum on 23 June”.

Anna Soubry said earlier she was willing to vote for the Labour motion

And in another way to force out Remain supporters who secretly want to block Brexit, the Commons will also be asked to back the PM’s timetable of triggering Article 50 exit talks by the end of next March.

A senior No10 source said: “This is potentially very awkward for some Labour MPs and the likes of Nick Clegg.

“Now we’ll see if those who say they accept the referendum result really do.”

The No10 move will prevent a threat by up to 40 Tory MPs to side with Labour to try to force the government’s hand.

But Labour still claimed Mrs May’s move was “a welcome and hugely significant climb down”.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said he will now insist the government publishes the plan by January next year to give MPs two clear months to scrutinise it.

Labour bosses also said its MPs will be told to vote with the government to back Brexit today.

Lead Tory rebel Anna Soubry also dubbed the PM’s action “a significant victory”.

But keeping up the pressure on Mrs May, the former business minister still said “legislation should be drafted to be passed by parliament so we can then authorise government to trigger Article 50”.

Tory Brexiteers heaped pressure on Lib Dem and SNP members to also abide by the nation’s verdict.

Leading Eurosceptic MP Steve Baker said: “Every MP should respect the result by voting with the Government for this excellent amendment to trigger Article 50 on the Prime Minister’s schedule”

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