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Cheryl pictured on the left with Liam Payne and on the right with singer Ollie Murs at a Charity bash

Cheryl and ID star Liam Payne pose for cameras

Cheryl and Liam looked happy together as they attended the Faye of St James Christmas Carol Concert in London

Cheryl, 33, looked radiant as she steps out with her boyfriend Liam, 23.

Cheryl blooming in pregnancy and her glowing fuller face

Cheryl and her Toyboy Liam

My Opinion- I don't understand the fuss about Cheryl not announcing to the world about her pregnancy, it is her personal choice if she doesn't want to and I don't see what the big deal is about.

We pray it last forever this time around for twice divorced Cheryl

On Wednesday The Sun's Bizarre Editor confirmed that Cheryl and Liam Payne are having a baby... here's how it unfolded live on Lorraine

Dan: Obviously we discussed yesterday on the show the fact that Cheryl was going to be going to this event. I said she was looking blooming and you said, ‘Why is she not going to tell the world this news?’

Lorraine: I know because she is so happy. It’s so happy!

Dan: So I have obviously been looking into this over the last day and I can bring you some news about what is really going on. Cheryl has told close friends and family the very exciting news that she is expecting her first child, which is obviously amazing news and something she has been trying for years and years and years. The reason why she doesn’t want to speak publicly about this is because I think everyone knows some of the battles she has gone through in her personal life, the fact that she so desperately wanted this for so many years and it didn’t come, and also there have been some things that she has been battling privately as well which she hasn’t been ready to talk about. So she is totally ecstatic about this news.

Lorraine: Good, I’m glad.

Dan: Apparently she has been very very open with friends and family, and despite the fact that everyone obviously wants to hear this from her mouth – especially the fans of Cheryl and Liam Payne from One Direction – she is not going to make an official announcement. But according to people who were at the event last night, she was absolutely delighted, very very proudly showing off the bump in a very tight dress – which I would say was probably planned to make it clear. At the end of the day this is such happy news.

I have spoken to Cheryl many many times over the last few years where she has said that her absolute priority in life is staring a family, and how great that she has finally found the man she wants to do it with.

Lorraine: It’s such happy news. That was all I meant yesterday, it was such happy news that it would be lovely to share it would everybody. But I kind of think she has by wearing that outfit.

Dan: Cheryl is doing it in her own way. She knows that people want to know and she feels comfortable now in order to do that. But she is never going to feel comfortable to talk about this baby to come.

Lorraine: It’s strange isn’t it because it’s such happy news. When you look at the picture there absolutely blooming and her face is glowing, and you go back a year to that poor wee soul, when she was so drained.

Dan: Yes, when she was so unhappy in that horrible marriage with Jean Fernandez-Versisni, struggling with her weight… and you know what, she has found a great man in Liam. I remember when I broke the news and people said they thought it would never last. But I actually knew that they were made for each other. So congratulations Cheryl and Liam! So glad we can finally say that.

Lorraine: I really am. It’s great news. She has been through an awful lot. I was worried about her last year, I really was.