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Donald Trump with his wife Melania and his children Ivanka, Donald Jr, Tiffany and Eric Trump

. Trump promised to appoint pro-life justices to Supreme Court.

. He will "immediately deport" up to three million illegal immigrants.

. Same sex marriage laws are "fine" with him.

. He will keep part of Obama Care that is good.

. Said he didn't want to hurt the Clintons and refused to say whether he would appoint a prosecutor against them.

. He said Barack Obama had "a great sense of humour" in their meeting last week.

Donald Trump vowed to appoint pro-life Supreme Court judges - this is a move that could see an important piece of law overturned.

Roe v Wade means all US States have to allow abortion. If the 1973 law was dismissed, it would give States the right to make their own abortion law.

Following Trump's comment, shocked Stahl asked him: "But then some women won't be able to get an abortion?"

Trump replied: "Yeah, well, they'll perhaps have to go to another State."

Donald Trump kind of appeared to backtrack by adding there is "a long way to go."

Trump also insist he will "immediately" deport up to three million illegal immigrants.

During his Campaign for the White House he had called Mexicans "rapists" and "criminals."

The President -elect promised to kick out those with criminal records and insisted he would build the wall on the US southern border.

Trump urged Americans to have faith in him following his surprise election win.

He said: "Don't be afraid. We are going to bring back our country.But certainly, don't be afraid. You know, we just had an election and sort of like you have to be given a little time.

"I mean people are protesting. If Hillary had won and if my people went out and protested, everybody would say, 'oh, that's a terrible thing.'

"And it would have been a much different attitude. You know there is a double standard here."

President Barack Obama pictured with President elect Donald Trump when they met last week

Pictured is part of the Mexican border fence that already exists in Arizona.

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