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The Special Lonely One: Jose Mourinho says his family will not move to Manchester as life in the cit

Jose Mourinho pictured with his wife Tami and children Maltide and Jose Jnr.

Mourinho moans that he is finding it difficult living out of suitcase in the posh Lowry hotel as there is no privacy and the paparazzi are everywhere.

He says living in Manchester city is a "Disaster," that his daughter is in the University and his son plays football and they have their friends in London

Your children are grown young adult not babies so you can do without them few days a week

Jose Mourinho should stop moaning he can afford to buy or rent a house, if living in the hotel is tough because of lack of privacy

Mourinho your wife Tami can be with you three days a week cook enough food and preserve it in the freezer that will last you for about a week or two

You knew what you were getting yourself into before you agreed to it, you come across as a manager who is no longer hungry for trophies but for (£) pounds sign only

If you are no longer interested in the job, do your club a big favor by resigning and not wait till you are sacked so you can make more millions.

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho arriving at his the Lowry hotel after attending his team's training.