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Chloe Mafia - Khan the "fake" celebrity millionaire showing off her abnormal looking boobs in the Celeb BB House.

Hooker Chloe Khan

Chloe posted the picture above on Social Media pretending to own it and living like a millionaire

This is the small modest home she lives with her mum in Yorkshire, UK.

Chloe poses in strategic buildings to make it look like she's in America, her ex-boyfriend reportedly said

Low grade Hooker/Prostitute Chloe Mafia- Khan flashing her plastic boobs in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Con artist/hooker Chloe posing in a rented helicopter

Chloe Khan, 25, with her ex- boyfriend and the father of her 6- year -old child Ian Hough

Ian said she is "fake" and her claim to be a "Self made millionaire" is over exaggerated, he told The Sun in a tell-all- interview.

Ian claims Chloe never emigrated to America that she lived in a "regular" rented house with her mother in Yorkshire.

He said "she's" not a millionaire or anything close to that."

"Yeah she did try to build a webcam business by recruiting girls from the estate in Wakefield, but no one wanted to know.

"All the girls she went to high school with turned her down."

Chloe Khan was unsuccessful when she appeared on X - Factor in 2010, then she disappeared from the spotlight for about five years, and then came back in 2015 after she bagged a billionaire boyfriend Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray, she boasted about having millions in her account and she had a Hollywood makeover (plastic surgery).

She said she moved to America to "feel accepted," and set up an adult webcam business and employed over 50 people that she later returned to the UK because of Visa issues.

Last year Chloe said: "My lifestyle is pretty incredible now - it's mansions and private jets and everything else that I could only imagine when I was younger."

My opinion - Chloe is a con artist who rents/higher cars, helicopters,huge mansions and I'm sure dresses to deceive people on Social Media, she pretends to be a millionaire but she's a cheap whore.

Chloe actually exposed herself on Celebrity Big Brother as a gutter hooker, she makes the title "celebrity" horrible for the genuine Talents and the real celebs.

Viewers of Channel five's Celebrity Big Brother are disgusted by Chloe's shameful and cheap sex scenes in the house.

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