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American Speaker- Paul Ryan on the left, Nigerian Speaker Yakubu Dogara- (centre) and British Speaker John Bercow on the right

Speaker Paul Ryan is about restoring economic prosperity, upward mobility, and job creation. He wants more spending cuts so as to balance the American budget and reduce the enormous debt.

British Speaker John Bercow work hard to see that the expenses fiddling scandal that engulfed the Members of Parliament in 2009 is not repeated and they are accountable to the Spending Watchdog.

John Bercow and all the Members of Parliament work very hard for their constituents, they have weekly surgery where the people in their constituencies can book appointment to see them.

Nigerian Speaker Yakubu Dogara is a corrupt politician who believed and said that "Budget Padding is legal." In other words Dogara is justifying the N40billion Padding of Nigeria's 2016 Budget.

Nigerian lawmakers are known for corruption and the only way they loot money through the Treasury is by Padding the Budget.

Millions of Nigerians are jobless and they don't get any help from their Government because there is no Social Welfare in place to help the unemployed and vulnerable people like the 250,000 malnourished Borno State children in North Eastern Nigeria.

Instead of working hard to introduce bill that will alleviate poverty in Nigeria, Lawmakers are only concerned in their enormous salaries and Budget Padding to enrich themselves

Nigerian lawmakers are the highest paid in the world with Senators earning $1.7million per- year (N240million) and members of house of representatives earns $1.45million per-year (N204million)

A Civil Service worker earns between $46 - $120 per- month, you can now see the wide disparity between lawmakers and the rest of the country

That is why Nigerian lawmakers are looters/thieves and are fantastically corrupt, they should all be locked up and the keys thrown away forever.

Nigerian lawmakers do nothing but fight each other for their own benefit they have never introduced any good bill that will impact on the Welfare of many suffering Nigerians.

Nigerian Government refused to put in place Student Loan to help University Undergraduates, yet President Buhari spent almost N200million to pay for his children University Tuition fee and maintenance allowance for the duration of their studies.

Speaker Yakubu Dogara should resign, he is a disgrace to humanity.

British Speaker John Bercow

American Speaker Paul Ryan

Nigerian Speaker Yakubu Dogara

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