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First lady Aisha Buhari on her way to London

Aisha Buhari responds to criticism about her expensive trip to America and how it takes too much from Nigeria's budget, she said "We sponsored even the government officials that came on this trip,"

"All that we are doing is to help our husbands. For instance, someone can decide to give me Indomie or Maggie, which he cannot give to the president, women need these things.

"In any State where a governor's wife is irrelevant such as Yobe, you will notice that the women are suffering. Whenever we get such gifts, we don't keep them but share to those in need," she said.

The first lady honestly is condescending and patronizing to those State governors wives who she said are "irrelevant"

How can any governors wife be "irrelevant" when their husbands job is to take care and be responsible for the welfare/security of the state they govern

The State first ladies are supposed to work with Non Governmental Organisations to know what is going on, for instance a State like Borno where 250,000 malnourished children are starving, and the Governor's office didn't do anything to tackle the problem and maybe because his wife is "irrelevant" according to Aisha Buhari.

Aisha Buhari is a two-faced first lady, she and her husband President Buhari are hypocrites of the highest order, they preach austerity and pretend that they are not corrupt when it's obvious that Buhari is the most fantastically corrupt person, they live a very expensive ostentatious lifestyle from the money looted from Nigerians, and now this woman Aisha is shamelessly carrying a $105,000 bag (N40million), along with her Louis-Vuitton travel suitcases globetrotting and shoving it at the faces of the jobless and helpless Nigerians who can't afford a single meal.

Nigerians should ask Aisha how many times she has been to London this year alone, when there are thousands if not millions of children starving in Nigeria

Nigerians shouldn't be deceived by Aisha Buhari because the only reason she's taking action now about the starving children in the North East of Nigeria is because of my article about the Ostentatious lifestyle of the Buhari's.

President Buhari has been in office for over a year and his Government didn't notice that children are starving, after the pathetic liar promised Nigerians "CHANGE"

My opinion- please Aisha stop pretending that you care because you simply don't, how can you not see, know, or feel the poverty around you for over a year your husband assumed office, you live in a cocoon, if you were sincere you should have done some charity work before you became first lady, so you will know the level of poverty in your community and beyond.

Aisha Buhari it is your words to the press that came back to hunt you, because you recently told the press when you arrived Washington that the reason for your trip is to ask "Aid Organisations for help, because of the starving children in Northern East of Nigeria."

How can Aid Organisations take you seriously when you flash N40MILLION worth handbag in their faces, by the way if the American men don't know about the bag their women of course will surely know the value, I am sure they see you as a joke who doesn't practice what she preaches

Madam first lady all you are good at is organizing expensive birthday and graduation dinner parties for your family whilst AL-majiris, and the malnourished children of Borno State starve.

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