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Aisha Buhari's birthday cake, also not one but three cakes, and her multi-million Dinner


The first lady Aisha Buhari is more concerned about protecting her already tarnished image judging by her lifestyle than advising her clueless and incompetent husband to help starving Nigerian children and their jobless parents

Seven teenage young Robbers amongst the 22 arrested by Police in Lagos few days ago

The young boys and girls are said to be between the age of 13-16 years

what this children did is not even close to the looting in Abuja yet most of the looters are still in office/power Senator Stella Oduah is one of the PEN LOOTERS who is still serving as a Senator.

Stella Oduah reportedly deposited N2.5billion in her maid's account

Ms. Oduah was removed from office in February 2014 after she was found to have received -- Armoured BMW cars, worth N255million, from an agency she supervised. Can you see how her stink connects very well with corruption and she is still a Senator.

President Buhari and Nigerian lawmakers are the reason so many children are starving and stealing just to buy food, whilst their useless president is busy cutting party cakes with his family.

The picture above shows how removed from reality and incompetent President Buhari is

It is bewildering that since President Buhari assumed office 29th May 2015, Buhari have not put in place Social Welfare- Income/housing Benefit Support for jobless and vulnerable Nigerians and Student loan for University Under Graduates. I guess they are not a priority for the president but all his family's birthday and graduation parties are more important.

President Buhari N200million Dinner parties

Clueless President Buhari's fabulous birthday cake, not one but three expensive national cake for Buhari and his family alone

President Buhari appeared Gaunt in his birthday picture.

The Buharis' are known for ostentatious lifestyle whilst they pretend and portray themselves as innocent and corruption crusaders

Buhari spent over N80million for Tuition fees and maintenance allowance for his children Education at University of Surrey in England

Buhari's children EXPENSIVE Graduation cakes (ALL FROM THE OIL MONEY)

Aisha Buhari with her children cutting yet another cake - for their Graduation party

The Buharis' are obsessed with cutting cakes whilst suffering Nigerians can't afford a meal

Almajiri - children begging for food

Good for nothing Senators, they do nothing in the senate but fight for themselves and the money they will loot and steal.

Senator/ billionaire Stella Oduah also a former Aviation Minister who was sacked for corruption by former President Goodluck Jonathan

Pictures speaks a million words -president Buhari you are FANTASTICALLY CORRUPT

Is President Buhari innocent or a proper hyopocrite?

The pictures above shows 7 Teenage Robbers arrested in Lagos, Al-majiri children in the North begging for food, few of the 250,000 MALNOURISHED BORNO STATE CHILDREN with their mothers and you can also see the OSTENTATIOUS, FLAMBOYANT AND EXPENSIVE LIFESTYLE THE BUHARIS' LIVE AND THE MULTI MILLION PARTIES THEY ORGANISE

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