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The Senate reshuffled it standing committees on Thursday ,21st July 2016 and appointed Senator Oluremi Tinubu along side some other Senators as head of the juicy committees most of who were reported to be members of the Unity Forum.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu who is the wife of former Governor of Lagos State was appointed Chairman Senate Committee on Environment

The Senate yet again refused to put in place a committee for Social Welfare and also for Student loan for University Undergraduates, which are top sections that will impact directly on many struggling Nigerians

The Nigerian Senate is clueless and totally removed from the real world of Suffering and Helpless Nigerians, the Senators live in their own fabricated cocoon Island.

Whilst Senators and members of Parliament in the Western World start to do something positive and effective for their constituents immediately they are sworn in, this is not the case for Nigerian Lawmakers who are in the Senate just for the money they can LOOT AND STEAL, Nigerian Senators are extremely selfish and self centred and they couldn't careless about their fellow countrymen and women.

The Nigerian Senate is worst than Ojota and Oshodi motor parks to say the least, the motor park boys at least knows what they are doing and what they are there for, while on the other hand Senators DELIBERATELY don't want to do anything to alleviate the level of poverty in Nigeria.

Like INTRODUCING a Bill for Social Welfare- Income/Housing Benefit Support for jobless and vulnerable Nigerians and Student Loan for University Undergraduates.

Senators Oluremi Tinubu and Dino Melaye pictured above, both Senators have reportedly insulted each other over trivial issues instead of doing something positive to impact the lives of their constituents

It was reported that Senator Tinubu called Senator Melaye a "DOG and THUG" and Melaye allegedly told Tinubu "I'll beat you up and impreganate you on the floor of the senate and nothing will happen"

Senator Dino Melaye said in his press conference that "I am an ambitious person, I even want to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria very soon."

Nigerian Lawmakers are jokes,they are all dogs and thugs and good for nothing Senators who all deserved to be locked up and the keys thrown away forever.

Bunch of do nothing Senators.