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Prime Minister Erdogan Of Turkey And President Buhari Of Nigeria: One is Clueless And the other is A

Prime Minister Erdogan, masterclass Manipulator

The people of Turkey came out to support their Prime Minister and aborted the alleged coup

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is very popular with most of his country men and women because the Government takes good care of it citizens especially the working class, vulnerable members of the society, family and women, who are the major voting block in Turkey.

President Buhari is a clueless, incoherent and heartless leader who has done nothing to alleviate poverty in Nigeria since he assumed office 29th May 2016, he is only interested in helping the Northern elites not helping the hungry ALMAJIRIS, and jobless Nigerians

This is the ostentatious Graduation Dinner Party Buhari gave his adult children with the cutting of multi- million naira cake while the ALMAJIRIS STARVE TO DEATH OF FOOD .

The difference between Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey and President Buhari is: Erdogan cares for his people that was why the coup was aborted, The people of Turkey have good Social Welfare And Healthcare facilities put in place for them.

This is evident with the fact that Prime Minister Erdogan is serving his third term in office, he sure knows how to get his vote from his people, even though he rules like a dictator.

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