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Taylor Swift Is Planning Legal Action Against Queen KKW And Kanye West After Kim Kardashian Posted O

Taylor has been outed as a liar after Kim posted the video showing Kanye and Taylor discussing "FAMOUS" lyrics. After watching the video Kim posted on Snapchat it's obvious Taylor gave Kanye full permission to use whatever he feels it's right, but now after the cat has been let out of the bag Taylor is trying to play the victim card and save face.

Taylor is used to making other people look bad just like what she did to her ex- boyfriend Calvin Harris about writing one of his hit song.

Taylor isn't winning the public relation game because of the optics of the video discussion between her and Kanye posted by Kim on Snapchat

Taylor, my advise to you is- please take a long break at least for a year, so we can have a breathing space with your attention seeking shenanigans