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Prime Minister David Cameron Last Question Time And His Many Gags Yesterday In The House of Commons

David Cameron's final Prime Minister's Question Time was full of jokes , he poked fun at Labour for not electing a woman as their leader.

He joked about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for clinging on: "he's reminding me of the Black Knight- he has been kicked so many times but he keeps saying 'keep going it's not only a flesh wound.

David Cameron sat next to his successor Theresa May in the House of Commons, he congratulated Theresa May on succeeding him as Tory leader.

He started his speech by congratulating Andy Murray and the other British Wimbledon Winners, before making a joke at himself: "Other than one meeting this afternoon with her majesty the Queen, the diary for the rest of the day is remarkably light."

David Cameron was asked if he'll like to be the England football manager, US President, or Top Gear presenter, Cameron said: "Most of those jobs sound harder than this one, so I think I'll pass."

"When It comes to women Prime Ministers, I'm very pleased to be able to say pretty soon it's going to be two nil and not a pink bus in sight."

He talked about a letter from 'Judith' warning him to go easy on Corbyn, allow him to create his own chaos and be wary of Tom Watson in the wings, "After this is over, I've got to find Judith and find out what on earth happens next."

David Cameron mentioned his wife Samantha Cameron as "amazing", and said she was watching with their children in the gallery- he was waving to them as the Question Time ended

Jeremy Corbyn with some of his Shadow Cabinet members laughing at some of David Cameron's jokes

The House of Commons was packed for Prime Minister David Cameron's last Question Time

David Cameron got standing ovation from both sides of Parliament, he can be seen waving to his family after the Question Time was over.

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