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Big Brother Evicted Housemate Lateysha Grace's Shocking Moment Yesterday On Live TV As Twerking

The shocking moment on live- TV when her dress split open within seconds into her twerking and it beamed to millions around the world, Lateysha Grace was immediately helped to adjust the ripped dress by BBBOTS Presenter Rylan Clark, it got nowhere though as the famous tight fitted dress was completely split open at the back showing her massive bum and the pink Thong she was wearing

It was hillarious as the studio audience and the celebrity guests which includes Towie's Bobby Norris, actress Tina Malone and Paisley Billings, cheered Lateysha on and laughed.

As the BBBOTS Presenter Rylan Clark tried to fix the dress, the Big Brother star asked: "Why is this happening to me?"

Lateysha with Presenter Rylan Clark in fits of laughter

The moment Lateysha was told by Big Brother that she has been evicted, after her fellow housemate Jason Burrill chose her for eviction in £20, 000 and immunity twist by Big Brother

Big Brother put an offer of £20,000 and immunity to any housemate who is the first to press the button in front of them, that the housemate will walk away with £20,000 from the £100,000 Prize money and also will be granted immunity but there's a severe consequence of doing that, because whoever touched the button first will choose a housemate to be evicted, luckily for Jason Burrill he was the first to press the button and he sent Lateysha packing her bags

Jason gave his reason for choosing Lateysha: that she was not friendly to him in the house like the other housemates, but some of the other housemates believed that Jason Burrill saw Lateysha as a 'threat' standing in his way of winning the prize money.

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