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How 'Groping' England Football Ace Aaron Lennon Got Me Sacked

Charlotte Long, 20, a former Waitress with Manchester Suede nightclub reportedly said she was upset at being sacked by the club after reporting an alleged sexual assault by England ace Aaron Lenon.

She claimed the star groped her before ripping her dress and slapping her whilst partying with friends in the VIP section.

Her mum Gill Coombes, said : "Every time I see Lennon on TV, I want to smash it in."

The Everton winger was with friends at the £2,000-a-booth VIP section of Manchester nightclub last April when the alleged assault occurred. Charlotte was 18 , at the time said "There were always footballers and celebs there so it was nothing unusual."

England star Aaron Lennon pictured, allegedly touched and slapped Charlotte, she said "He groped at me, ripping my Top. When I shook him off he slapped me around the face."

SUEDE nightclub where the alleged assault occurred.

Charlotte was sacked after reporting Lennon to police, last week she received a payout for unfair dismissal but said "The whole thing makes me sick."

The problem with most of the footballers, is that they don't know when a joke is no longer a joke or when they cross the line, they are so power and money drunk because they are extremely well paid more than anyone in Britain for just running around a football pitch for 90 minutes.

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