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Are The Lovebirds For Real- Superstar Taylor Swift And Unknown Hollywood Actor Tom Hiddleston: Are T

Taylor Swift and her new man Tom Hiddleston both looked tired in the picture above, and who can blame them for looking that way but still cute, they are always travelling from one country to another, money they say can buy everything but happiness, who knows whose turn is next for Taylor or rather which man is waiting in the wings to catch the next private jet with her.

There is nothing that some celebrities especially the very Powerful ones, won't do to seek attention or promote their project/ Album, They are manipulative and media savvy, they sometimes arrange with paparazzi to meet them at a designated location so as to take pictures of them on holiday or doing something that would provoke reactions from the media and their fans/haters.

If not, just look at some of these Taylor Swift's pictures it's too obvious that it was prearranged to draw more attention to them from the public.

Just watch Taylor Swift's next move, she will bring out a new single soon- that is what all the globetrotting love pictures is about.

Tom Hiddleston is not a new face in Hollywood but he is yet to become a household name. Tom is new to superstardom , so who would blame him for jumping to the biggest opportunity of his life by dating the biggest female megastar singer Taylor Swift, Tom is aware of the fact that, they will be talked about daily and that will expose him to the world and get him a big new film role.

Taylor wearing a navy jumper/sweater and a check skirt and carrying a mini Louis Vuitton hobo bag.

Taylor and Tom matching colour and style coordination.

Isn't it amazing that Taylor and Tom can be seen pictured getting on board their private jet, it's baffling how the paparazzi managed to know their time schedule and which airport they are heading to.

The couple together in a white car.

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