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Fantastically Corrupt Senator Stella Oduah Reportedly bought $13million Oil Tanker Before Being Sack

Stella Oduah purchased and registered an oil tanker a few months before she was fired by former President Goodluck Jonathan in February 2014. Recently the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) discovered N2.5 Billion in Mrs Oduah's housemaid's account, she apparently opened the account with her maid's name and photo without her knowledge.

Senator Oduah should be recalled by the people of Anambra State as she is doing them no service at the Senate, she is only there for herself and what she can loot.

Nigerians should stop recycling their politicians by voting the same group of looters into office over and over again. The lawmakers/ elected politicians have no time for the suffering millions of Nigerians who trusted and voted for them, none of them have the courage to introduce a Social Welfare Bill - for Income/Housing Benefit Support for Jobless and Vulnerable people and Student Loan for University Undergraduates.

The Power/Electricity Supply in the Country is inadequate or none at all in some areas, and the greedy Nigerian Electrical Power Authority still charge exorbitant bills for doing absolute nothing.

There is also no good/ adequate Water Supply system, no free Health Care for millions of Nigerians, so the people that are jobless and are ill /sick can not afford to go to the hospital so most of them end up dying unnecessarily.

After reading all the above facts Nigerians should next time vote for Real people who have their day time jobs like: Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Bankers, Literate Cleaners and Market-traders, they can be part-time Lawmakers and be paid Allowance only when they meet to deliberate on Bills and important issues.

Finally Nigerians please wake up because you can not continue to suffer in silence while the politicians are doing nothing but loot the country dry. The most important thing to do is to hold elected politicians accountable when they are not doing the right thing, as we do here in Britain politicians are voted out of office if they don't perform so they know the score, and they do deliver most of their promises 97.9% of the time.