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Pictures of Philando Castle who was brutally shot by American police officer

Philando Castile was shot at 9pm during a traffic stop in Minnesota, his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds claims that he was reaching for a licence ID, she says he told the cop he had a licence to carry a weapon, she also claims the 'Chinese police officer' shot him four times in the arm

Castile can be seen staring at the camera phone

Castile's girlfriend Diamond Reynolds pictured below live- streamed the aftermath of her boyfriend's shooting.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension process the scene where a St. Anthony police officer shot and killed Castile as he was reaching for his licence

Crowds of protesters chanted in front of the Minnesota Governor's house at 3am demanding for him to wake up and speak to them, They shouted 'no justice, no peace' and they also chanted Castile's name over and over in a moving show of unity.

Crowds gathered outside the Governor's Residence

Clarence Castile uncle of murdered Philando Castile

Philando Castile pictured above

C astile's girlfriend Diamond Reynolds