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Former Britain's Prime minister Tony Blair branded 'world's worst terrorist' by angr

Shattered relatives of the soldiers killed and those maimed vent their anger after the Chilcot Report blamed military and political leaders for sending Our Boys into war without proper equipment or protection.

Relatives of those killed during the Iraq war at the Chilcot Report news conference yesterday 6th July. Some of the relatives of the 179 Britons killed in the conflict refused to attend who feared it would be a "whitewash"

Sara O'Connor fought back tears as she spoke about the findings of the report

Doug Rigby's son John, died on his 24th birthday after being critically injured in a roadside bomb blast in Basra

Grieving relatives of soldiers killed gathered outside the centre after hearing from Sir John Chilcot

The Chilcot inquiry report blasted the "wholly inadequate" post - conflict planning,as Tony Blair tried to rush troops out while a brutal insurgency gained deadly momentum.

Tony Blair's letters pledging to support the former US President George Bush.