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20-year-old Rapper Baby Cino shot dead minutes after leaving jail in Miami

Baby Cino was shot dead moments after leaving jail on Wednesday (Picture: YouTube)

Baby Cino, an aspiring rapper from Miami, was shot and killed minutes after being released from jail on Wednesday.

The 20-year-old rapper, whose real name is Timothy Starks, had been released from Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after being arrested on a gun charge, according to reports from the Miami Herald.

He had been picked up in a red Nissan which was gunned down just minutes later, with the shooter allegedly firing at least 40 shots from another car as they entered Palmetto Expressway during rush hour.

The Nissan hit a wall on the ramp and Starks, who was still wearing an inmate wristband, was hit with several shots, including a gunshot wound to his head, the Miami Herald reports.

His friend, Dante Collins Banks, 20, who had picked Starks, who was best known for his sing Big Haiti Shottas, up from jail, was also shot in the abdomen and treated at a local hospital.

Banks’ mother told WSVN that her son had picked Starks up the after he was arrested and she had been on the phone with him when the shooting began.

She explained: ‘My son was OK. He was talking. He was just shook up ’cause his friend got shot,’ adding that he has since been released from hospital.

The identity of the gunman is unknown, however police told the outlet that ‘a dark-coloured vehicle was seen fleeing the area at a high rate of speed’.

Law enforcement sources told the Miami Herald that they are investigating whether the shooting is connected to Miami street gangs following similar incidents which have occurred recently.

One such incident is the killing of rapper Wavy Navy Pooh, who was shot to death in his car near Zoo Miami, as well as the shooting of Brianna Sutherland, who was killed while driving on Interstate 95 on Valentine’s Day, with investigators believing she had not been the intended target.


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